Practical Ways to Shift Vibrational Resonance – Tia Kumara @ Children of The Sun

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Practical Ways to Shift Vibrational Resonance

Just as the sun is sending its repeated flares, the process of shifting our personal morphic resonance requires a very relentless flow of repetitive energy. This is how the new code cuts through the muck and establishes itself as the new abiding pattern. For those who are really serious about cloaking on the new blueprint, we have to go for it all the way and not confuse the signals given to the body. The body always responds to what we consistently feed it.



The very first step is to just keep moving closer and closer to your desired resonance. KNOW what this means for you! What is your preferred resonance? Where do you want to be vibrating? By pondering this, by visioning it in, this…

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