Suzanne Lie -Unconditionally Loving Your Self – Chakra Four – 1-28-16

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Dear Readers,
We’ve now reached Week #4, and we focus on the heart chakra. Please continue to allocate 7 Minutes a day for the featured meditation and perform it for a full week. Thank you again for sharing all of your experiences.
Please keep sharing your wonderful comments in the blog post in which the chakra is introduced. I am sharing some of the third chakra (which we just completed) comments below so you can join in unity consciousness with your fellow participants.
Blessings and Unconditional Love to you all.
Welcome to the Year of Unconditional LOVE! 
We continue with Week #4 (Chakra #4 ~ Heart Chakra) in our 7-week process of performing daily 7-minute meditations focusing on our chakras and loving ourselves unconditionally.
 Unconditionally Loving Your Self
Chakra Four
Fourth Chakra
 Meditation for Chakra Four
Practice DAILY for 7 Days

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