Tablet XIV – Becoming Thrice Greatest

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egypt female anubis x 2 unknown artist



Tablet XIV– Becoming Thrice Greatest

List ye, O Man, to the deep hidden wisdom,

lost to the world since the time of the Dwellers,

lost and forgotten by men of this age.

Know ye this Earth is but a portal,

guarded by powers unknown to man.

Yet, the Dark Lords hide the entrance

that leads to the Heaven-born land.

Know ye, the way to the sphere of Arulu

is guarded by barriers opened only to Light-born man.

Upon Earth, I am the holder of the keys

to the gates of the Sacred Land.

Command I, by the powers beyond me,

to leave the keys to the world of man.

Before I depart, I give ye the Secrets of how

ye may rise from the bondage of darkness,

cast off the fetters of flesh that have bound ye,

rise from the darkness into the Light.

Know ye, the…

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