Astrological Analysis of 9th Planet, Full Moon, Venus and the X-files Premiere Date

By now I’m sure everyone is aware that last week, an alleged 9th planet, not including Pluto, was discovered in our solar system. To be clear, the scientists calculated that the planet most likely exists due to gravimetric calculations, but no direct observation has occurred yet.

A friend sent me this article and had the following comment to add:

“I just made a connection.. You know the article about the planet x announcement? In it, the astrologer said things were being seeded for the timing of the full moon. Well, the X-files show aired [24 hours] after the peak of the full moon.”

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I lack the knowledge to read astrology charts, but I do recognize that the planets influence events and I also recognize that the elite are obsessed with astrology, whether it is the symbols, their archetypal meanings or hero’s journey allegories. The fact that the X-files premiere was about 24 hours after the peak of the full moon on Sunday is probably not an accident.

The Cabal seem to base much of their symbolic content, especially in fictional workings, off of these deeply embedded astrological archetypes. Mark Passion has an excellent presentation on the Tarot and Kabbalah in part 3 of his series Demystifying the Occult.

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The below article is fairly nebulous, but the premise behind the ‘deceptive announcment’ argument is this:

“The reason for the announcement of Planet X yesterday was Venus conjunct the Galactic Center. Venus (the goddess) at Galactic Center (home). In the Gnostic, this is translated as Sophia at home. And here comes Planet X – the Destroyer – to destroy her. What a grand production for something that will fail.”

Venus essentially represents the divine feminine archetype (in this example), and on Earth, she is in distress because the divine masculine archetype within each of us (on average for humanity) is absent or inactive. I covered the symbology extensively in the following article.

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So to recap, on the 20th of this month, there is an announcement by NASA that a 9th planet was discovered. The number 9 symbolizes divine completion and also evolutionary union with the divine, such that, ‘the void’ is embodied in the creation; in numerology, 9 added to any another number always reduces to the number added, as if 9 was zero; therefore 9 and 0 are effectively equivalent numerologically. Venus was conjunct with the galactic center on that day, which we could also say symbolically represents the feminine going home, or going back to source, reflective of the number 9. Then on Sunday, the 24th, about 24 hours after the full moon peaked (double 24’s) at 1:46 UTC, the X-files premiere took place, possibly establishing the 9th planet and the planet X destroyer connection. The number 24 also symbolizes Jupiter, which the elite identify with in their mythos as well.

Could this all be wild speculation and conjecture? Quite possibly, but at the very least it serves as an exercise in data processing. And I suspect that there is some undisclosed connection or intention being displayed here.

In my view, I think if the truth is singular, then it must be reflected in all things, which meanings looking for connections can be a rewarding exercise. And, symbolism in general, is not black and white; all meanings have value in the process of expanding consciousness.

– Justin

SourceWorld Truth TV

Astrologer Exposes The Illuminati’s Deceptive “9th Planet” Announcement

Yesterday, on January 20th, 2016, a news story broke that researchers and scientists may have discovered a new, 9th planet at the edge of our solar system. To many, this seems exciting and interesting…and rightly so.

However, the timing of this is anything but coincidence and the reason is quite astonishing.

Today when searching for more information about the discovery, I found a very interesting take on it from an astrologer at a website called

Before I get into the details though, it must be understood that the controlling global elite meticulously plan and enact their agenda with the use of the astrological cycles. I will not spend any time going into all the proof of this as you can easily search and find this information to be true.

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With that said, yesterday’s announcement had quite interesting astrological aspects involved that show this was intentionally planned and timed. Though the announcement is being used as a seed to plant “destruction” into the collective conscious, this plan will fail and will backfire in a strong way.

Thus, the reason for this being posted is to dis-empower that negative intention. Just by seeing it for what it is, we consciously neutralize and dis-empower it. Love and life overcomes and wins.

The astrologer explained this with the following:

“The announcement of the “discovery” of Planet X yesterday is the beginning of “programming the archetype.” The key here is not what was announced, it is when it was announced.

First of all, it has not been sighted; it has been hypothesized based on the mathematics of the gravitational forces of nearby objects. This just means the computer sorted the data, and an inference was made. Doesn’t take an ego-overloaded Caltech genius (Mike Brown – I killed Pluto-pay attention to me) to notice what computers sorted and then put together a paper. Brown is either a nitwit tool of the Vatican-CIA-Illuminati astro-sorcerers or very good at his role as an operative. Mike Brown, you would be wise to remember that it was amateur astronomers who first sighted Eris.

As many researchers have documented (Jim Marrs, Richard Hoagland, William Henry, among others), NASA and all things space/astronomy/observatories/JPL are controlled by Illuminati, who are controlled by Archons . They decide when to publish information in their “scientific journals” because they are obsessed with codes and patterns in their pursuit to creatively invade us (via our minds). So the “big announcement” was anything but randomly timed. It is the beginning of the archontic imprinting onto an archetype to control mind and behavior. It’s demented.

The reason for the announcement of Planet X yesterday was Venus conjunct the Galactic Center. Venus (the goddess) at Galactic Center (home). In the Gnostic, this is translated as Sophia at home. And here comes Planet X – the Destroyer – to destroy her. What a grand production for something that will fail.

Bottom line: It’s on. The new world order is making its move – it’s final stand – because it has to. They can’t keep up with the “music of the spheres,” and the solar-lunar year of re-calibrating human conscious is beginning to close. continue