EM & The blue Solara – The Cintamani Stone – Interact with the Stone – Take advantage of its Features to the Extreme – 1-22-16

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The Cintamani stone: interact with the stone & take advantage of its features to the extreme




At the request of many of you who asked for The Cintamani Stone, I explained this before through the comment area on April 16, 2015, here

And I answered via email for one of our member on how to activate The Cintamani Stone on June 12, 2015 ,, and here I share this with you now for the benefit of everyone…


My answer Via comment area about the Cintamani Stone on April 16, 2015

Regarding your question about the Chintamani Stone, what I can NOW disclose about this stone is the following:

The stone is a symbol; which represents a mission that agreed upon by both Sirian & Pleiades… it represents the Union of the feminine & masculine [the Sun & The Moon]   and this matter was between the highest…

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