Tiara Kumara – Which Morphogenetic Field is Sustaining You? – 1-21-16

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Tiara Kumara   –   Which Morphogenetic Field is Sustaining You?   –   1-21-16



What and where is your vibrational resonance? Resonance is a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to you, so much, that you vibrate in alignment with it… thereby “filtering out” all other frequencies that are also present.

The experience of “consciousness shift” has indeed quickened at a mind boggling pace. It is as if we are receiving new instruction sets overnight, being lifted from one morphogenetic field and plunked down into another.

The term, ‘morphogenetic fields’, is used to identify the developmental blueprints for species types. Simply put, these fields of energy program our future. All conscious creation, from micro to macro, is manifested through these imprinting field templates.

A morphogenetic field is a ‘force of habit’ created from cumulative memory. Because of morphic resonance, (like attracts like), we are created ‘as usual’ and…

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