Jesus via John Smallman – You have no need of fear, or of defenses – 1-22-16

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 Jesus via John Smallman   –   You have no need of fear, or of defenses   –   1-22-16

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday January 22nd

Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you truly reside in every moment of your eternal existence, we watch with joy as you resolve and intend to move ever more fully into your natural state as beings of Love.

It is a state you have never left, and never could leave, but you have – through your choice to experience as real as possible a state of separation from God, and therefore from each other – hidden from yourselves your divine and eternal connection to Source. Consequently you feel alone, small, and insignificant in the vast universe in which it seems humanity’s planet, Earth, although large in relation to each of you, is itself utterly insignificant. A planet that could itself be…

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