Dislodging the Illuminati

Violence 33I have a friend who’s in the front lines of dispersing funds after the Reval.

And she was wondering if there was more she could do in the face of hearing of cases of police brutality, government crackdowns which probably hide human-rights abuses, etc.

Perhaps let me say a word about the current crackdowns and then turn to the question of what might be done to dislodge the Illuminati.

Some years ago the U.S. government was holding joint military exercises with names like Valient Shield, whose purpose was to create an integrated response to that old chestnut, terrorism.

The Illuminati had created the “problem,” which they called “terrorism.” It was the government itself, and its allies, who brought the World Trade Center down to create an environment in which human rights could be curtailed.

There were no Arab terrorists. Most of the crew hired to play their part were Mossad agents.

Now they were creating the “solution.”

Valient Shield and its counterarts were designed to train various law-enforcement and military agencies to take the next step: to work together when martial law was declared after another false-flag “terrorist” episode.

All the FEMA camps, trains with shackles, and plastic coffins were part of the Illuminati’s scheme to take over the world, beginning with the United States.

Now doesn’t that sound corny – taking over the world? Who would believe this stuff? Who makes it up? And yet it was true. Area 51, deep underground military bunkers, the CIA and the international drug trade, black projects, the School of the Americas, Solar Warden, bases on the moon and mars, attempts to start World War III, etc., etc. All of it was true.

I think it’s clear that what’s happening right now is that the illuminati are backed into a corner. Their finances are nearly gone. Many subordinates have broken rank and jumped ship. The Illuminati are not the power they once were.

And I think they’ve responded by yanking the chain of anyone who’s left. Call in all the chips. Ring the alarm bell. Hence the police brutality, Illuminati governments making threats, etc., which I consider to be purely temporary and having no real bite behind it.

What I don’t think my colleague may realize, and I could be wrong, is that her activities in dispersing funds after the Reval are frontline in the work to dislodge the Illuminati

The money she gives to single mothers, seniors, the sick and the disabled will raise their spirits and lift them above the vibration of lluminati control. We as a society will soon be lost to them as willing slaves and docile sheeple.

Anyone working post-Reval on correcting abuses, leveling the playing field, enfranchising the disenfrachised, spreading health where the cabal spread disease, etc., is working to end the rule of the Illuminati on Planet Earth. And their efforts will produce results.

So don’t give a second thought to doing more. What you’ll be doing will make all the difference in the world.

Here’s a hard-hitting video, originally from all the way back in 1994, detailing the Clinton’s criminal activities: continue