The World As I see It by Lenn Delorie June 2015


Before we really get into the information I want to share with you I would like to start with one of my beliefs, that has helped me throughout my life. Over the years I have discovered that in order to keep up to date in the world, you have to read and watch a lot of media. When you are  dealing with an avalanche  of  information, you realize that there is as much disinformation as there is truth out there.


The false light grid is what the dark use to lead you into a spiritual trap, and by doing so can drain you of energy or even get you so frustrated you give up. The only way I know of preventing yourself from being drawn in the spiritual traps they have set is by having a

solid foundation for your information. Then you are able to cross reference the material and avoid some of the land mines. I can tell you I haven’t been able to dodge some of the biggest ones, like the revaluation of money, but I have kept to my spiritual beliefs about money; in order for everyone to prosper, money can’t be a concern. That is the focus I thought was happening fifteen years ago, when another false light belief made me believe our world had turned the corner.

In 2000 the UN set out the agenda that they would eliminate poverty and illiteracy by 2015. I bought into their agenda, and for years thought they were doing their best to bring about the changes, but then I learned that HIV and Aids were preventable, all the people needed was have enough food and water. Around that time I read an article that explained how our matrix controllers would bait us with something to look forward to and then never deliver.

That was written eleven months ago. At that time we thought the Event was going to occur within the next few months, ditto for the revaluation of the world’s money. I am still pretty certain that the Event will happen and at that time, hopefully we will have no need for money. Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian defines the Event as the end of hierarchical order, an end to domination and control. He has said that the dark cabal have been finished for years, and that is only the Lightworkers that have been keeping this matrix thriving because of their ambition or greed. Using my discernment on that one statement, I would say he is wrong, I would say that it is the people being apathetic. Our biggest anchor to not stepping into a new world is people’s belief that if they won fifty million in the lottery, then everything would be great.

For those of us still waiting for money to save the day. Even if you won the powerball your life wouldn’t become magical. Money is a spell, and the more money you have the more you want, worse, now with all that money, power comes to you. It is far better to forget about money and pursue whatever your passion is. When you can believe that you can create whatever you have as a dream, you will be free.

Most of the true Lightworkers are Sacred Neutral and have been for years. We know that we have all been dark and light, we have played all the roles and have tasted the ultimate power of whether someone lives or dies on our whim. We all have contracts with the Creator and as service to the Creator we play these roles to the best of our abilities. The dark are allied with the Archons who Bartzis says control the re-incarnation machine. He says that when the Archons surrendered to the light in 94, the dark cabal on Earth refused to give up, and are still a thorn in our side. If you listen to live programs that is revealing information the dark does not want the world to know, then you start getting a lot of interference, do the point where it is almost impossible to watch the program.

The end to hierarchical order means the end of the power for fifteen multidimensional beings on Earth. These beings are so powerful they control some of the most influential beings on the planet and their goal was to do something that has never been done before : ascend to the 5th dimension on the service to self platform, and were prevented from doing so, by the Prime Creator.  The biggest false flag in history was the second world war, with both sides being funded by one group. This makes sense when the commodity that these beings are after is fear, and hate. 9/11 has been well documented, what hasn’t been is the fact that Hilary Clinton is complicit in the Haiti earthquake, which was caused by a small nuke, ditto Fukishima. Haiti was done for gold, her brother owned a gold mine on Haiti, and they thought that an earthquake would be a great way to open up a vein of gold. Fukishima was set off by the Israelis in retaliation for Japan getting friendly with the Chinese. The German airliner that crashed in March was really shot down by a laser from Cern to warn Angela Merkl about getting too friendly with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When the Event happens so will disclosure and we would be wise to prepare our loved ones ahead of time about our true history.  A couple of years ago when we were first finding out about what the dark cabal had done, the Galactics and Ascended Masters were really worried that there would be a massive mob hunting down the dark cabal down and executing them.

We all know that it would be justified, problem is that if you want to stay in a Unity Consciousness world, non love is a train that can return you like a rocket, back to the third, where you will have to release all your non love.


The light forces, Galactics, some of the Ascended Masters and Archangels have all been trying to work on the dark ones and try to make them change. Every level and every dark and some light beings have been put in a containment field that will not allow non-love. Every time they have a thought that is non-love it is mirrored back to them and simply put they are shown the result of their choice. After some time they are let out of the containment boxes and some of them change their ways. The hard core dark either won’t change and in that case their soles are taken to the Great Central Sun and disintegrated and then returned to Source.  The Council of Heaven wanted to see if they would even try and change. Not sure exactly what happened to the ones who were going to turn, but one of the guys in that containment field was Stephen Harper, and the people of Canada know all too well that he didn’t change.

Stephen Harper, who has long been a thorn in my countrymans side for years is finally facing the inevitable. There is a mass exodus from his cabinet, with three senior ministers resigning and leaving politics, including Peter McKay who was at one time Harpers second in command. They either see Harper’s party being totally decimated or even they are tired of his ghestapo like tactics. Harper is  a criminal, along with his cronies Elizabeth Windsor and Joseph Ratzinger, otherwise known as the Queen of England and Pope Paul, who were convicted of genocide by the world court  in March of 2013 for their treatment of the indigenous Canadians in northern Quebec.

May wasn’t a kind month for Harper. He got a taste of what he is going to see in the future when he wanted to hold an election fundraiser, then had to cancel when only 20 people wanted tickets. For months he tried to muzzle the Canadian Scientists and the media. Harper told the CBC and the CTV that they were not allowed to cover a court case where Rocco Galloti was suing the bank of Canada and won the case. Now he is challenging Bill C-51, which is the terrorism act. If Harper is still the CEO of Canada by election time I will be really surprised. At the time of this video, Harper is at the G7 trying to get money. Ben Fulford has reported that the G7 nations are bankrupt, as slowly all of the loopholes the banksters have used to fund their wars, are closed.

When we process pain and emotions in our bodies we are doing so for the collective consciousness. As a result of us releasing these emotions we raise the vibration of the planet. The Schumman frequency is the level of vibration on Earth. One of the tricks the dark have used to get people upset with the Light forces is to let it be known through misinformation that when you are a fifth dimensional being you won’t feel any pain. Here’s a news flash, even if you live most of your life in the 5th dimension, you are not immune to pain. This is just a hypothesis, based on the fact that every cell in your body is a micro-computer, which may mean that in order to never have pain in your body every cell has to be 5th dimensional and in order to do that every cellular memory will need to be processed.

Matt KahnMatt Kahn teaches that when you are in any kind of pain you need to recognize it, bless it and thank it for allowing you to process it and be of service to the Creator. The  pain is some kind of cellular memory that has come to your attention for a reason, and your body, which works perfectly, has brought the pain to the surface, because it is now safe to process the emotions that will come from releasing the memory.

Over the past six months I have been able to make some vital connections, that may point to what our ultimate goal is on Earth. Right now there are an ubiquitous number of  bloggers out there, all trying to show you life from their perspective, unfortunately some of those bloggers may be just a distraction, as the stuff that they promote lacks substance. Recently I saw an article titled “Enlightenment in 3 Easy Steps”; the title is misleading,  you are already enlightened, you just have to remember. Those people who are reading this article have all had thousands of lifetimes, and in those lives you have been all of the characters in this drama called life, the killer, the one being killed and the judge. For this reason we really can’t judge, but when everybody is told that the game is over and you have to stop dominating and controlling people, and you don’t, there are consequences.

To make the assumptions that the people are just waking up and becoming aware, and are not enlightened enough to help wake humanity would be a mistake. They may not have as much cellular memory to process, or they are trapped in a situation that has made it impossible for them to explore their spirituality. The laws in heaven have changed and Ascended Masters can only interact with us through the one degree of separation, they can no longer interfere with our lives, and can only be the I am presence or embodiment. So right now there are over 6000 Ascended Masters are incarnated on Earth. You see youtubes of kids from all over that are extraordinary talented, an opera singer 9 years old that if I wasn’t watching would have guessed she was way older. The children that are being born today are Indigo’s, Crystals and Rainbows, they are born aware.

I know that most of us meditate at least a little bit, and we all know how long it took before we could do so without being distracted by every thought or noise. There are some of us who can never meditate for longer than minute or two, and that is alright because most of us are great open eye meditators and our minds get quiet on a walk in a forest. So any article or youtube that promises you something or gives you a date for an event to happen is not the best place to start your quest to find yourself. Most of them are spiritual traps and without discernment and intuition, which is based on a solid foundation,  we waste our time trying to separate the misinformation from the cold hard facts.

Most of us follow a myriad of teachings, and I think that is the best way of building a solid foundation. If you read everything you can about a subject you become a person who can swiftly read articles and glean the knowledge, then if there is something funny about what you are reading you can use your intuition to test and see if it is true for you.

When you become a follower of many teachings and have a patchwork spirituality you become your own mystery school.  The Galactic Historian teaches all about mystery schools, he also teaches that your ultimate goal is to have your own mystery school, so that you can control your own reality. The phrase “one degree of separation” is an important term for people in this new world. It is the greatest way to figure out collective consciousness and describes the synchronicity that brings a person closer to the truth or your own mystery school.  The biggest reason the dark cabal has been able to keep this planet under domination and control is that they are masters of the mystery schools. You are in your greatest power when you are in your own mystery school. Religion is a huge mystery school and controls billions of people, the leaders of those religions or sects are to plan thousands of lifetimes into the future, for the specific purpose of reincarnating in one degree of separation or they are raised as a child in the mystery school. Royalty is a mystery school.

The greatest secret is that the Masters of the dark cabal, the Archons use the Archon grids to control the reincarnational grid, and were able to make sure that only the most powerful  souls would be born into their mystery school. If your greatest power is when you are doing divinations and working with astrology, how much of a chance would you ever have to develop your passion if you were born into a strict religious family. This may be why a lot of people start to prosper when they move far away from home and can begin living their own life, not their families. This is also a big reason Masters of the Light may be just waking up.

When the baby boomers woke up in the sixties, the dark had their hands full, and the mystery schools that may have been the sharpest daggers were rock and roll and marijuana.  Make love not war became the mantra and then came the Beatles and their magical mystery school. The fab four attracted hundreds of millions of followers, not only their music, but their way of life, which  brought people into contact with mystery school of meditation.

For me that one degree of separation happened when I was sixteen and I still remember the day, I picked up one of my Dad’s Lobsang Rampa books, which became one of my foundations;  Rampa was a Tibetan Lama in the 1920’s who detailed the teachings of his life from the time he was chosen to enter the priesthood. It opened up a whole new world for me and became a way to compare my religion to Buddhism.  It was much later in life when I had settled down that I was able to really find my truth. Not anybody elses, just mine. That is the crucial aspect to this life, follow your own path. Life is a series of coincidences that lead to contracts. You will know you are on the right path as long as you can be relaxed about your choices.  Sometimes you have to leave your parents behind and travel to another location far from their influence before you can meet that special person, who is part of your mystery school.

Peace is the way of the future, and the more love that there is on the planet the higher the frequency.  In the mid 90’s Gregg Braden in one of his first video’s “Awakening to Zero Point”  told us about the rise of the Schumann frequency from 7.5 to 7.8, Braden is a Scientist/Spiritualist who has been able to combine both studies, and a result has been able to become another foundation, millions of us have counted on. For those who don’t know about the Harmonic Convergence, it was a special term used for the process that happened in 1987, when Earth was weighed by the Universe to see if the planet was light or dense. It was light, 7.5, which meant this planet was going to evolve into a Unity Consciousness world. Since then the signature frequency of Terra Gaia has been on the rise. Scientists just last week announced that the  Schumann frequency was now at 16.2.

Terra Gaia is now a  Unity Consciousness planet, and  Braden also talks about a tuned resonant  circuit that moves from Earth to our heart, then to the brain, and then finally to the cells, that Ancient Shamans called the sacred circuit. When the signature frequency of Earth reaches a certain level  all the rest of the biosphere will ascend to the fifth. Those people living in the lower 3rd dimension will either decide to pass on or go to another 3d planet and continue on. Right now there is a process going on called bifurcation,  which is a separation of densities. I believe those lower vibrational people are either just waiting for the right time to leave or have decided to stay and are within one degree of separation from changing their life dramatically.

Until we cease caring about money, which was introduced as a Babylonian debt system,it will anchor a lot of people to a the lower 3rd dimension. By praying for money you are service to self, praying to get rid of money serves all of humanity.  In our solar system and most of the galaxy humans on Earth are the only 3rd dimensional beings, the rest are 5th dimensional. Our clinging to money has warped our biosphere from the law of creation being  energy(time)=art to energy(time)=money. When the Schumann frequency rises above a certain point, bifurcation may make it impossible for some of the dark cabal to even see us, unless of course they have a special type of glasses or other technology.

Even though the dark cabal has lost the ability to control of us they have vowed to leave a burnt Earth.  Fukishima, Haiti and the Horizon oil spill in the Gulf were strikes by them against humanity.  There are a number of developments that have happened recently that point to the darks demise, and how they are desperate.   Kathryn May the channel for Sananda and the incarnation of Lady Nada has reported that on the 28th of May, dark forces put together multiple false flags in India, Pakistan, Turkey and Texas. On Wednesday of this week, what’s left of the cabal set in motion a dastardly plan which was not only stopped, but was turned around and used as an opportunity to greatly and enduringly benefit all – thanks to you!  The plan was to release a worldwide damaging frequency through a weapon that is used for mind and behavior control.  The initial impact was to cause a feeling of upset, distraction and uneasiness across the planet.  The frequency would then be strengthened to stimulate fear, anger and panic, while a series of orchestrated false flag events were to occur in different countries.  These events were meant to cause further chaos and distress, all building to a terrible finale.

Now, please refrain from reacting in an upset manner to this news.  Remember that Mother and Father have declared Earth protected, and this story ends in glory and celebration.  The final event was to use the growing wave of low-end energies as both humanity’s permission and as energetic momentum to destroy Earth.  A weapon capable of ultimate destruction was readied, and the plan was set in motion.

These circumstances were crafted and intended to trigger humanity’s collective fear.  Fear is how humanity has given its approval over the millennia for an endless list of atrocities.  Fear is the real weapon that has led to worldwide slavery.  Within this system, fear also leads to humiliation and ultimately, self-hatred.

Here is how the program of fear as a weapon succeeds.  An image and an accompanying frequency, intended to inspire fear, is released.  If you respond with fear you are aligning with it, and in doing that you become a collaborator with both the fear and those who initiated it.  When you respond with neutrality, the fear has no sponsor and cannot thrive.  When you respond with your true nature, joy, the circumstance is altered and a more beautiful reality is created and sustained.  Now imagine these responses on a mass scale.

If the plot had gone according to plan, humanity would have given its permission and even aid to the destruction of Earth through its age old reaction of terror and panic. However, this was not to be so this time around!  As the energy weapon began to emit frequencies intended to cause mass discord, humanity responded with a new collective response.  Instead of blindly reacting to the frequency stimulus with instant distress, an unprecedented number of people… paused.  This seemingly small action reflects a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness of humanity.

This reality-changing pause was only the beginning.  What happened next is even more exhilarating.  More than ever before – since Earth descended into the long experience of darkness and destruction – in the face of a frightening stimulus, many people from all over the world chose either to remain neutral or to respond instead with an uplifting action, thought or emotion.  When humanity paused, I can tell you truly, the Company of Heaven held its breath too.  And then JOY broke loose as we flew into action to support your mighty leap forward and upward!

The effect was immediate.  The combination of humanity choosing love instead of fear, combined with the clarity of the Lightworkers’ response, ended the destructive option and secured the destined timeline for Ascension.  Humanity’s success was achieved through its prophetic pause and refusal to automatically respond as a collective in blind fear.  The Lightworkers’ response engaged a specific set of actions that further uplifted and supported the Awakening momentum.

The Earth and the Grid merged in a new way and received an increase of Mother and Father’s substance and deep love.  The efforts of humankind brought us all closer to Mother and Father by further releasing us from the illusion of separation.  Their Love now wraps ALL on Earth even more intimately in their warm care.

David Miller who channels Juliano and the Arcturians has said that the higher frequencies has resulted in the dark cabal being unable to control for their negative purposes, the use of chemtrails, HAARP or other devious means. This is outstanding news for two reasons: first the elimination of chemtrails will make a big difference for those people who have compromised immune systems. Second and just as important is the fact that when you have an immune system problem it makes it hard for you to raise your Spiritual Light Quotient. When you need all of your energy to fight off immune system attacks, you will not be able to have enough energy to help bring about the Unity Consciousness world.

SLQ is another name for Schumman frequency or signature vibration. If you happen to see chemtrails in the sky then this is the Galactics trying to neutralize the earlier chemtrails. The Galactics have reported that they are now putting rainbow colors in their healing chemtrails to distinguish them from the dark cabals.

One problem that star seeds,  and those who are vibrating at a high enough level to help Earth is the allegiance to various groups and their interpretations. You are your own mystery school and when you increase your SLQ you become more protected and more vibrant in your everyday life.

During the century of war, The Spiritual Light Quotient was almost entirely dependant on bees, butterflies, whales and dolphins. These fifth dimensional beings upheld this world spiritual canopy or we would have ended up like Mars, which is what the dark cabal wanted to happen so in a hundred years or so they could come out of their underground bunkers and claim their new world free of useless eaters. That wasn’t all they were after though, the bigger prize was for them to ascend beyond the 3rd dimension as service to self.

If the cetaceans wouldn’t have been here in 1945 when Hiroshima and Nagasaki got nuked this planet would have died! Andrew Bartzis has stated that radiation is a very powerful hate vibration. When they split the uranium atom, they decimated  love on this planet. The Arcturians have channeled that when the Science technology of its inhabitants exceeds the SLQ of its inhabitants and of the planet it creates an imbalance that often destroys the biosphere of the planet.  Earth is still quarantined from the rest of the galaxy and we can’t go past the radiation belt, I wonder whether the belt captures all of the hate that has escaped from Earth as well as the radiation from the nukes that have been dropped. Luckily fear and hate are not able to exist on a 5th dimensional world.

Morgan Freeman, the famous actor has recently declared that his entire 124 acre ranch would be dedicated to bees. In April 40% of the world population of bees left this planet, and the cause of their decline is GMO’s. Years ago I read an article in Sedona Journal that was channeled about the bees and how they had decided to leave this planet and return home to their own planet. I want to take this time to thank the bees for their wonderful service to humanity.

On June 21st we have the longest day of the year, this is also when we have the greatest ability to affect the dark cabal, and maybe put an end to their destructive ways. When the Solstice happens we can spread the light all over the planet,  and the darkness which serves the dark cabals purposes will only last for  six hours.  On that day celebrate our new planet, love yourself, love everyone, treat everybody as if they are your brother or sister, and know in your heart that the Unity Consciousness world is now. Hopefully we will soon celebrate the Event, which is the end to hierarchical order and the control it has over us, then we can all thrive.

My website is my Mystery School, so please become a member.

A Unity Consciousness World