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BlueAviansThis is a very good depiction [image below] by a talented graphic artist of what its like to be transported by a “Sphere Being” from my home to the “LOC”. The travel is almost instantaneous and there is a feeling of time/space “Blurring” or “Smearing” in the initial moment of “Take Off”.


[I found it interesting that Corey is saying this trip is an actual travel not just a beam out or teleportation; although it could be one in the same, I just have no point of reference to understand one from the other. If the depiction is correct it reminds me of descriptions of Astral Travel made by several people who do so in dream time. In the previous update, someone asked why Corey he was chosen to be a delegate and it occurred to me later that his mental coherence or astral body is probably much more developed then the average person, lending itself to the type of time-space travel depicted below. We discussed the star-gate technology and science in the post David Wilcock: Stargates, Consciousness Tech, Draco “Fear Food” & Methods of Personal Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis of Fade to Black May 26th 2015.][I thought these images looked great, the artist did a great job, per Corey’s request here.

I’ll add that Corey is a human being, and while he does possess unique qualities, he is no better then anyone else in a general sense. I haven’t observed any idol worship yet, nor do I think Corey is trying to get anyone to worship him, quite the reverse actually, he is very humble in my opinion. But the idea came to me as I was looking at the above images.

I say this because it can be very easy to get into idol worship, and according to some researchers we are actually ‘programmed’ for this from long ago.’ Any skill, attribute or gift one might have can always be discovered and enhanced through the work of self discovery and discipline, using one’s intuition and logical possess to expand and grow within. I hope the intent of this comment is received within the spirit it is given.]

Question directed to Corey:

Hey man can you make a cell picture of our earth from space when you get picked up?

Corey’s Response:

No technology allowed because of “AI Threat”. All technology is left behind and we are scanned for AI Signal Infection.
[We did an extensive analysis of A.I., how it can be misunderstood for spiritual or ET contact by channellers, and how to discern the difference in the post Analysis of A.I. Influences on Earth and ET Civilizations | GoodETxSG NAZI “Alien Reproduction Vehicle”/ARV – Nazi Die Glocke – “Gold from Mercury Problem”. Apparently it is a major concern for the Alliance, which suggests there is a lot of residual effects of it on Earth. I suspect as more disclosure is revealed, we will discover many aspects of our lives that have been influenced by negative A.I.’s]
And Shared on Facebook:
Post on TOT today at 7:39 (Update) And Graphic Showing “Orb/Sphere Being Transport to LOC” on Facebook.
I just dropped by to announce the Spanish Language version of our website. It is getting quite a lot of positive response from the Spanish speaking community. We hope in the future to have sites mirrored into other languages as well.
There was also a recent SSP Alliance Council/Sphere Being Conference where many of the Illuminati/Cabal Defectors were present and verifying information they have provided (Defections that occurred mainly after the Royal White Draco betrayed them in exchange for “Safe Passage” beyond the “Outer Barrier”, An offer which was denied and the Draco Royals will remain for the humiliating trials and judgments that everyone else involved in their oppressive regimes will go through.).
There was also representation of the “Earth Based Alliance” present who had quite a lot of personal data of war criminals (Both retired and active) that were obtained in a huge hacking operation against “Western Government Personnel Databases” and other sources that produced other intelligence on the people being targeted by the SSP Alliance.
This is all part of a “Planning Phase” for larger operations in the near future. One of the things discussed was the amount of resources it would take to gather all of these people and beings in one coordinated operation. The logistics of such a mass arrest are mind boggling (Even with the available allies and our shared high technologies) and it is obvious why it has not occurred in the past.After I attend the other Conferences, Federation Delegation Meeting, and learn more about the requested conferences/meetings with “Opposition Leaders” I will be writing up a summary of the entire 10 days of conferences. I will be posting this on my website and will be posting the link on Facebook and Twitter as well.

The “Stillness in the Storm” blog/site has kept up with recent activities very well and written in detail about them.
It appears I will also be doing more articles with Dr. Salla in the Q&A format going into detail about these recent events and meetings. Keep an eye on his site for more of those to come.
I am also scheduled to appear on “Open Your Mind Internet Radio” On June 28, 2015.
Thank you,
Corey/GoodETxSG[There is a more complete narrative of that defection and resulting back lash on the Cabal provided in the post David Wilcock Major Update: History of ‘Old One’s’, Draco’s, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More.

The Cabal pyramid of power was based on compartmentalization and deception, just like the a large corporation. Many times if people knew how much they were being used and manipulated by their higher ups, it would create major chaos for the whole organization. Now imagine that the deception and manipulation is much deeper and more intense. The lower level 13 Illuminati families learned that they were being deceived by their dark god overlords and were not happy. Unlike what many tend to think (black and white distinctions) the Cabal is a network of criminal families and groups, and there was a delicate balanced disturbed by the truth being leaked recently. It is only a matter of time before enough defectors move over to completely render the Cabal inoperable.
Now this would lead some skeptical people to think “but we haven’t seen any major changes, so this must be just BS. What many fail to realize is that the slavery systems which have run rampant on Earth are self policed. We explained this in the post How the Cabal Maintains Their Power And What You Need To Do To Stop It – Un-Consent.
There are countless ‘horrors’ in this world willingly pushed onto others by the very people themselves. We have been duped as a people into enslaving each other, and many think if the Cabal was removed everything would be fixed over night. The hard truth is that we all have a great deal of self reflection and work to do so we can realize how we have enslaved ourselves, and doled out suffering on to our loved ones. This will help us take responsibility and change within, so the outside world changes in the way we might envision.
This is what is meant by ‘raising our vibration’ and being more STO, what I call self mastery or gaining self knowledge. This part of the control mechanism I have become increasingly aware of lately, and its been a major source of emotional upheaval. Watching my friends and family harm themselves, others and the planet at large can be an incredible source of pain, but instead of feeling dis-empowered and depressed I try and use this energy to do something pro-active to stop the inertia of the past automatic choice to make a new more empowered and harmonious action.]
Question about Corey being telepathic:

Hello Corey, are you in telepathic contact with the Blue Avians in periods you are not meeting face to face? Cheers, Simon

Corey’s Response:

Sphere Being Alliance No, they normally send the Blue/Indigo Orbs or appear in my home to communicate. One has to be careful of the different technologies out there that Intel Agencies use (“Mind of God” Tech) and also “Trickster Beings” who may try to mimic the Blue Avians. They are mimicking the Blue Avians quite a lot right now to cause people to be confused or think they are receiving a different type of message from them. If they do not appear in front off you and communicate telepathically w/the sign language then you should be skeptical of who is sending you the “Telepathic Message” IMHO.

[This is a great opportunity to discuss discernment. Discernment is the process gaining understanding and having judgement with respect to a thing. Many people confuse discernment with ignorance. They may call something “BS” or choose not to investigate a thing because of their emotional reactions towards it. This is NOT discernment as there is nounderstanding actually created within.

Understanding requires knowledge, like sitting down to complete a puzzle, we have to observe something that initially does not make sense, and then with careful consideration of ALL the data possible, make a conclusion about what we think it means. We have to make sense of the data. If we ignore something, or never investigate (because of some excuse), its as if we never sat down to look at the puzzle pieces.

In the situation that Corey describes, we must focus on what is being said or done, the totality of information, not just who is saying it. Again its the whole truth, not just the surface meaning that we want to believe. The Blue Avian ‘impostors’ or tricksters will most likely do all sorts of things tomake it appear that they are genuine. They may perform “miracles, they may speak with a booming voice, etc. But the totality of what is being shared is where our discernment does its work; and this requires time and dedication to investigate fully, not just rest on a gut reaction.

It is very much like watching a card trick. They illusionist may have all sorts of fancy things to look at: beautiful men or women, nice clothes, slight of hand, etc, and this can distract us away from the whole picture. But a discerning mind seeks to see all things and in doing so must look past what they want to see so they can observe free from bias and preconceptions all that there IS to see.

This idea of observation of all the data is essential for discernment, and I am constantly encountering people who wield close-mindedness and ignorance under the banner of discernment. This false discernment is echoed below in relation to comment about David Wilcock. Some think because his presentation style feels obnoxious or that he charges money for books, it is evidence his information can be ignored, or that he is ‘full of it’ – but again how can we make that judgement call honestly if we have not investigated anything? Its like a detective seeing a black man and saying “yep he is the guilty party” purely based on their personal bias, its not logical, its not accurate, and its certainly not discernment.

This particular topic is something that strikes a chord with me because in my observation of others, on social media and comments on this blog, I am encountering this self imposed ignorance on a regular basis. And it is incredibly disappointing to see such capable and intelligent people self themselves short. The following quote sums up the situation nicely:

“There are only two mistakes 
one can make along the road to truth; 
not going all the way, 
and not starting.” – Buddha

I’ll try and make some time to talk more about this subject, as I think it is of great importance in the times ahead. Once the big disclosure occurs, ignorance will be very difficult to maintain, and I want to do everything I can to help others gain empowerment, else suffer the trauma of their own making.]
Comment about False Contact:

Yeah, I think I had the false contact experience myself two or three times as I mentioned elsewhere. Each time the communication died out after I required identify verification. Hasn’t happened again for a while. Staying cool and level headed always pays off

Corey’s Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes… one must not blindly accept info from telepathic sources. You must question their identities and ask for them to present themselves in some way. That is just being wise and not letting yourself be hijacked for a deceptive purpose.

Comment about Telepathy:

Wise suggestion. But first telepathic contact could be … confusing or thrilling, letting classic guard down for untrained individuals.

Corey’s Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Indeed, this is how many false doctrines and dis-informational stories have occurred.

Facebook Update:

“Science and Evidence For The Transformation of the Solar System | The Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock” (I also posted some information about this subject on my blog along with some links to science articles about “High Energetic Clouds” that our Sol System was entering going back before 2000 I believe.). These vibrational changes are having a direct effect on a beings in the Sol System as well. The behavior of Positive/Negative oriented beings is being amplified even more so.

Science and Evidence For The Transformation of the Solar System | The Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock

Comment on Post about “proof” that there really is an ET Alliance:

Sometimes I wonder if the site [is] actually legit [the Sphere Being Alliance Facebook page]. Still have no actual confirmation this alliance exists, just word of mouth really. And passing on information. I want more concrete proof, not words.

[In my opinion, the above comment is an example of lack of discernment, lack of truth seeking. This person wants ‘proof’ as if it exists outside of themselves, as if there is some magical thing that once shown will absolutely and undeniably force them to see the truth. But this is impossible, the truth can’t be forced on to anyone, and if it was that easy, many more people would be awake and the world would be a much different place.

This is one aspect of reality that in my research is a difficult concept to grasp, that the truth is all around us, like the puzzle analogy above, it is up to us to put the piece together. Is a lie really untruth? In a sense it represents an untruth, but it is made of the truth. An illusionist uses slight of hand and misdirection to lead us to believe or accept something that is inaccurate, an imageof falseness, but all of the things they use to do this are real. It is so simple its easy to miss, but let me say that again: everything is real, it has its place and context, what we think of as falseness or untruth is a representation, an illusion or an inaccurate image of something. Like a black and white photo, the colors are not rendered, but the photo is real in and of itself.

We have been conditioned to think that proof comes from peer reviewed papers, or officials, but these are just opinions and pronouncements of reality; representations. There is no such thing asabsolute proof because free will is the highest law, and we can still choose to ignore something. That being said, what this question is getting at is evidence, concrete data that what Corey says is true.

This echos our discussion above about discernment, and is a valid question. Corey does not offer photographs, recordings, or physical objects to support his claims. We only have his testimonials to go off of. And for many it is just words; because they have not gained enough background knowledge for themselves. This is one reason I try and lend evidence to what Corey shares, because in my experience of truth seeking, there are many breadcrumbs on the path to discovery that reveal if something is true or not. The more information and raw data we have observed, the easier it will be to understand something personally; to prove it to ourselves. This is a discernment process, that we learn how to put the pieces together.

To someone who never investigated ET’s and UFO phenomenon, it seems preposterous to consider what Corey is saying. But to someone who has, it seems much more plausible. It all comes down to how much of what IS, (reality) have we allowed ourselves to observe and investigate – to contemplate and reconcile into a holistic logical framework. The truth is wonderful in this respect, for if we embrace it fully, eventually we can see all the pieces on the table and put them together is an intuitive holistic process.

I can not claim Corey is speaking the absolute truth, but when I focus on what is being said, and analyse it on its merits alone, I find it to be highly plausible. This is because of all the other observation, research and contemplation I have done in my life. Just like reading a book or hearing a language activates the complete store of our knowledge of it, divining the truth of a thing uses our experience in the same way. And this is incredibly important to understand: that we must avoid ignorance as much as possible, because we literally rob ourselves of the eyes to see, we handicap our own ability to know reality, and we need as much data as possible to put the pieces together.

Imagine watching a movie or reading a book and only having half the information to work with. The end of the story wont make sense to us because we are missing pieces. The same is true for life, all our experience and information, from any source regardless of their intent or credibility, is of value. All data has a place in the whole of creation, and ignorance is never something that will benefit us. This being said, if information is too intense for us at a particular time we can set it a side for the moment so we can regain composure and clarity, but it is not something we can abandon entirely.

I know this can sound crazy to some, especially those who are just starting on their path of truth seeking, but with a little contemplation and honest research, it is very easy to see that even so called disinformation can be useful. Imagine it like a card game, how can we see if our opponent has a good hand, if we never observe them? In this sense, propaganda dis-info and co-intel pro data is immensely valuable because it reveals the illusionists tricks, and in trying to deceive us they tip their hand,]

Response from Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance One should use their discernment and treat all info (From all sources) as potential disinfo until proof is seen. I agree with that. All I ask is that people keep an open mind and prepare themselves spiritually and mentally for the time coming up when they will have more “Proof” than they can handle. Full Disclosure is not going to just be a happy event when we finally find out we are not alone in the cosmos. It is going to also involve the release of quite a lot of traumatic information about our true history. Yours is a healthy skepticism.

Further Commentary about Photographic “proof”:
Sphere Being Alliance Any photos, videos will just be claimed to be fake by any skeptics. I am not going to go through that circular debate process. When the time comes there will be a sky full of evidence and the TV and Internet will be filled with the info from the data dumps. Until then we are seeding information to the people so when this “Full Disclosure Event” occurs they will not be as shocked as they would be otherwise. The skeptics will remain skeptics up until that point and its not my job to change skeptics into believers. It to educate those who are awake/awakening and let them know the full depths of what “Disclosure” will be. I am not here to prove anything at this time. Proof will occur on a worldwide scale for all to see and not on to a spoon fed few.Unless my mission changes I will continue to deliver data in the format I have been authorized.
TY, Corey/GoodETxSG
Question about CERN:

Corey I would ask you why there is Shiva sculpture at the main gate of HLC and why there are phrases written in many language – also old one – on panels that are monitored by sensor and laser?

CERN large hadron collider

Corey’s Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I do not know a whole lot about the various Super Colliders and their dual purpose uses other than they are attempting to open etheric portals and are thinning the veil. They have ripped open dimensional rifts with several programs and some say that this is tech that is being studied to not only be able to close some rips but to be able to open others and close them at will. They have opened more of the portals into the outer realms where etheric beings come from that attach to humans and vampire off of our emotional/spiritual energies. [RE:Draco “Fear Food” & Methods of Personal Transformation]We now have many types of these beings here though it is very difficult for them to remain here w/out help due to the energetic changes to our Sol System. It is driving them out of their hosts who become dependent on them in a shared energy that they also vampire from victims (Such as friends/family of the host). When they are driven from our plane for good these people/hosts will go through withdraw symptoms similar to a heroin addict quitting their drug “Cold Turkey”. It will not be pretty. There is said to be other purposes for these super colliders. I am not sure what they are.

[CERN is one of these honey trap topics in the awakening community, with a great many theories, and claims as to their purpose. I have no delved too deeply into them, but if they employ over unity energy systems I know that the time-space effects can cause disturbances in the etheric grid of the Earth due to either the dissonance that produced them and/or the intent and attainment level of the beings (human or otherwise) who are focusing their attention on them. Whether it be the scientists at work there or observers from a far who have un-grounded emotional reactions due to ‘fear porn’ on the internet.]

Comment regarding David Wilcock:

Not a big fan of Wilcock but if you want to hitch your wagon to him Corey go ahead. I think you know better, Wilcock comes across as cheesy. Nothing new. Like he knows it all and big ego. He’s all about himself.

[Given the discussion on discernment above, does this seem like an emotional reaction due to a personal bias? Is there ever a reason to ignore information given that all things are in service of the creation and of value, once they are understood properly? Even if we could justifiably ignore data (which we can’t) does ‘being cheesy’ seem like a rational and logical discernment process?]

Corey’s Response

Sphere Being Alliance I hear this quite a lot. I have spent quite a lot of time with DW and he is quite a bit different in person than he is on stage. He has a stage presence that he has worked on for years and borrows styles from comedians and others to try to entertain his audiences. He used to do 8 hour talks for 3 day weekend events and developed this style so not to bore the audience IMHO.

He is actually a pretty humble guy and very laid back and fun to be around in person. He is a normal person who has issues in life like we do that we have to deal with. I consider him a friend. I was encouraged to work with DW in the beginning by the Blue Avians them selves because he had a balance of knowledge that I did not. I also believe they wanted me to work with him is because he has been a Law Of One Scholar for over 20 years. They use a lot of LoO [Law of One] concepts and language in their communications to me (That can be frustrating at times, they way they answer Q’s etc.). His knowledge on a range of topics has been a major help.

As for him charging money for some of his work, much is free on his site but he does have to eat and have a roof over his head in this Babylonian Money Magic System. People assume authors of books make more money than they really do. He gets paid very little for his Ancient Aliens appearances and his Speaking events and Gaiam TV shows are how he pays his rent and feeds himself. There are people that will always have a problem with that or feel he is a egomaniac.For those who really know him understand that this couldn’t be further from the truth. I do respect everyone else’s opinion but also have spent a lot of time with the man and have a lot of respect for him. There is a lot in his personal life that if people knew they would change a lot of their preconceived ideas about him.

TY. Corey/GoodETxSG

My Response to the David Wilcock Comment

Dismissing information purely based on your ‘feelings’ and subjective judgments is not a discernment process, its ignorance – an emotional reaction, not a logical process of truth discovery. While i have compassion and respect your free will choice, I will offer that it is most-likely due to an inability to see past WHO is sharing the information so you can develop an understanding for WHAT is being said. This is part of the Trauma based mind control trap offered by the cabal, and when we react as such, there illusory power is maintained. When we choose fear, this limits our growth, and prevents the self mastery needed to navigate through life. It will only get harder as disclosure moves forward. I hope you can see what I am saying, and not dismiss this too.

David is often dismissed because he sells books, his presentation style or even because he has a ‘big forehead’ but the veracity of WHAT he says remains in tact. If our desire is to seek the truth, then we must be brave enough to do it ALL WAYS. Sadly many people find any excuse to ignore information, to their own detriment. Ignorance maybe bliss to you, but slavery to everyone else. Those who can unify their minds and reconcile emotion with logic will do more from looking and honestly seeking then those who run from the truth because the manner and form it takes is not ‘pleasing’ to them.

If my words offend, I apologize, but in my desire to be of service, sharing the truth I have come to understand is a powerful tool. We have far more in common then not, and if we let these minor details dis-wade us from unifying on the grand stage, we only prolong suffering. The choice is yours of course, but it is my duty to offer the wisdom I have freely to others.

Much Love and Respect Brother.