The New Scriptures and Autobiography Written by Sananda/Jesus


by Sananda/Jesus
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD

Most of you have known me by my given name when I was here incarnated – Jesus, or Yeshua ben Joseph, my family name.  Sananda is my ancient soul name, given to me at the time of my soul birth, and so you might think of it as my “real name.” I come at this time to speak with you because I wish to correct some of the untruths that were spread about my teachings and the facts surrounding that incarnation on Earth as Jesus.
I wish to emphasize that I am not the story here.  The facts of my life are relevant only because they shape peoples’ understanding of what I stood for and taught.  I have also included a short autobiography, written after the 24 messages, to further clarify some of the personal information.  I hope it will be used simply as a footnote, or an invitation to get to know me better.  As the Veil of Forgetfulness thins, you will feel my presence close to you, sending you my unending love.  I hope to strengthen that relationship with every one of you.more

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